A world-class outdoor venue inspired by ancient Roman designs is probably the last thing you’d expect to find in Huntsville, Alabama, but the city’s new Orion Amphitheater is all about exceeding expectations. Which actually makes perfect sense for a town that’s primarily known for sending rockets into outer space.

Funded by the city’s capital plan and a percentage of future hotel taxes, the $40 million, 8000-capacity Orion is a perfect complement to the fast-growing north Alabama city. It was also created with the idea of community in mind, something that Mumford & Sons co-founder/keyboardist Ben Lovett — CEO of the Venue Group, which operates the Orion — is making a core mission of all his company’s venues. During Orion’s design and planning phase, he stressed how important it was to build something that would operate differently than the majority of amphitheaters in this country.

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Image Credit: Josh Weichman