People make us what we are. Our team includes some of the industry’s most exceptional and creative minds, rich in talent and deep in invaluable experience. We are a cohesive community of strong individuals who work hard, have fun, and prove our commitment to each other every day.


We win together

We do everything with a rare passion

We presume good faith, always

We explore with patience, then decide with conviction

We take intelligent risks and own the results

We prioritize the wellbeing of our colleagues over everything.

We actively cultivate curiosity

We give new ideas the room to breathe, grow and flourish

We own our victories, our defeats and our actions

We take pride in the details

We express gratitude early and often

We never stop getting better

We honor tvg’s legacy while embracing what’s new

We celebrate the differences between us

Everyone belongs

Social Responsibility

We believe in a transparent, conscious and intersectional approach to social responsibility. We are constant in our efforts to deepen the diversity of our staff, our customers, and our partners, while fostering a culture of belonging and inclusion. Offering mentorship and apprenticeships to our youth, we help to build futures within our local communities. Minimizing our impact on the environment is top of mind as we proactively initiate and execute on sustainability programs.


The welfare and wellbeing of our people are of highest priority. We offer a generous collection of benefits that allow our employees to thrive at work whilst ensuring their good health, future security, and the space to enjoy time with those they love.

Meet The Team

Our venues are defined by our people and their dedication to the creativity, craft and character that makes each location unique. From technical engineers to architects, mixologists to chefs, bartenders to marketing managers, we value the individuality of each member of our team.



Eliah McCutchen

What is your role? 

I serve as the Content Manager at The Orion in Huntsville. 

Please describe a truly successful day for you.

My most successful days are the ones where I get to be creative and collaborative. I love working closely with the marketing team to knock our ideas out of the park. (Shout out to the team for always making me laugh.)

What is the most memorable music gig you’ve ever attended?

Four words: Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour. I still argue Nashville was the first show that won the Mute Challenge!

What is one thing you would like to do that you’ve never done before?

I’ve never traveled outside of the US but I have plans to visit the UK in 2025! While I’m there, I want to visit London and check out a show on the West End because I’m a huge musical theater nerd.

What would you want your legacy to be at tvg hospitality?

As a Rocket City local, I want my legacy to be building the bridge between tvg hospitality and my hometown. I’ve lived in Huntsville for over 20 years, and I’m excited to be a part of its exponential growth. 

What are three words you would use to describe tvg?

Ever-changing, Challenging, and Bold.

What is your most treasured possession?

If my house was on fire, I’d do my best to save my book collection (after my cats, of course.) I love collecting and reading horror novels. I have a few shrines to Stephen King, R. L. Stine, Tananarive Due, Stephen Graham Jones, and Christopher Pike that I’m proud of and took a lot of trips to the thrift store to collect!

Emma Joshua

What is your role? 

I am the Assistant General Manager at Flat Iron Square. My day-to-day job is to make sure the machine that is FIS runs smoothly, coordinating staff and our food traders on site. 

Please describe a truly successful day for you.

A truly successful day for me would be that I ticked everything off my list that I intended to do at the beginning of my day, and that I gave it the time and effort it required. To end a day with an empty email inbox and happy guests will always make you feel invincible!

What is the most memorable music gig you’ve ever attended?

My most memorable gig was when my friend, Lewis Bootle, took the stage at Omeara. We would listen to his music at the pub where we worked together in Hertford back in 2016. To see him headline his first show at the Omeara was magical! That was also the start of my journey at tvg as I started working here 2 months later.

What is one thing you would like to do that you’ve never done before?

I would absolutely love to watch Adele live- one thing that is definitely on my bucket list!!

What would you want your legacy to be at tvg hospitality?

Being here for so long I do look to my previous GM’s like Jack Clulow. I want my legacy to be that I was a sense of support and comfort for my direct staff and colleagues around Southwark Quarter as they are so important.

What are three words you would use to describe tvg?

Fast paced, Evolving and Sociable.

Who are your heroes in real life?

My mum, without a doubt. She is the most inspiring woman I know and is just amazing. She worked her way up the corporate ladder as a single mum of two with no degree and is now one of the leading female executives within Global Aviation and Space Insurance. She taught me to be resilient and to not make myself smaller in order to fit in. She is the reason I never stop working for what I want.